Frugal Friday

by - January 18, 2019

Welcome to Friday! 

This week I was able to sub two days. All lunches and dinners were made at home as well as beverages. 

Our dinners this week:

Saturday: Baked Spaghetti, Garlic Toast
Sunday: Baked Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, Broccoli
Monday: Homemade Chili
Tuesday & Wednesday: Chili Tacos
Thursday: Baked Chicken, Brown Rice, Vegetables
Friday: Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Rice

I made chili on Monday and normally we like to have corn chips and cheese with ours, but I was feeling sticker shop from our grocery shop on Monday, so I didn't purchase those things. 

I served the chili with a dollop of sour cream and crackers. The sleeve of crackers cost 25¢, so much cheaper than the corn chips. 

This week I earned a $5.00 gift card for Amazon from Microsoft Rewards. I'm going to try and save these up this year and spend in December this year. 

On Tuesday I subbed in a classroom where we watched the film Viva La Causa, which is the story of the 1965-1970 Delano Grape Strike.  The film tells the story of Cesar Chaves and is a movement for social justice. The film is free to educators at the Teaching Tolerance website when mailed to a school address. 

I made some Cinnamon & Spice Iced Tea this week loosely following this recipe. I brewed mine rather than let it steep in the refrigerator. The recipe was good, but a little strong for me. So next time I make it I will use less tea bags, which will save money.  

Yesterday my daughter was out thrift shopping when I got off from work. I wanted to go to Target since she wasn't home, but I fought the urge and came home and made dinner instead. 

This week we've kept the heat turned down. It's currently 58 degrees in the house, but we are dressed appropriately. 

The electric bill is only $157 this month and if we turned the heat on as much as we'd like to it would be over $300, so keeping it turned down helps us saves money. 

School was cancelled today due to sickness and Monday is the MLK Jr. Holiday, so we have a four day weekend. I hope all of you have a terrific weekend. 

~ Living within our Means ~

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