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by - January 14, 2019

Today we went grocery shopping at Walmart and Cookes. I had sticker shock walking through Walmart, so we didn't buy as much as we normally would at this time of the month. 

Here is what we picked up at Walmart:

Orange Juice 2.38
Parmesan Cheese 5.78
Cheddar Cheese $4.22
100 Corn Tortillas 3.38
Lettuce 1.28
Tomatoes $1.98
Green Grapes $4.87
Tetley Tea $1.68
Bigelow Orange Tea $2.48
Mashed Potatoes 78¢
Squeeze Ginger $3.44
Sprite $5.78
Sugar $4.97
Log Cabin $5.64
English Muffins $1.18
Whole What Bread $1.48
Italian Bread 50¢
Carrots $1.54
Potatoes 3.17

The other place we shopped was Cooke's, and we went there because they had a great sale on peanut butter. The eighteen ounce jars were priced at $1.00 each, so I stocked up and bought ten jars. Here is what we bought there:

Peanut Butter $1.00 Jar
Frozen Broccoli 10/$10
Pumpkin Tea bags 74¢

I have to say I was disappointed shopping in Walmart as I can see their prices are just slightly higher than other places we shop. Anywhere from 50¢ and up on several different items adds up and it's the reason I don't shop there exclusively. 

Anyway, I'll be checking the sale ads on Wednesday again and seeing what's on sale. I didn't want to pass up the peanut butter sale this week, which ends tomorrow. 

~ Living within our Means ~

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