Frugal Friday 2-1-2019

by - February 01, 2019

Welcome to Friday and the Weekend. 

Days Worked:

This week I was able to work three days. We had two snow days and one two hour delay. One job was cancelled, but I was proactive and ended up with a job for that day too. 

To do this I keep a list of teachers who I have to turn down because I'm already working. If  for some reason my first job gets cancelled, I go down the list of teachers and ask if they still need a sub. It doesn't always work, but it works sometimes and it worked this week. 

In My Frugal Kitchen:

This week I did a lot of batch cooking. I made a large pot of vegetable soup and put that into individual containers for lunches. I baked a large pan of both sweet and regular potatoes. 

I made a two pound bag of soup beans and we ate those several days and I put some into individual containers into the freezer. That way if I get called to sub at the last minute I can grab one out of the freezer for my lunch. 

I also cut up cucumbers and carrot sticks and made several containers of those for lunches.  Along with those I also cut up red onions, purple cabbage, and kale for salads this week, and also made a chopped salad and divided it up into a couple of different containers. 

Having food prepared ahead helps me with my goals of eating at home and taking lunches with me, which helps me to save money. And of course, food I prepare at home is healthier than takeout. 

Added to the Pantry:

-1 can Del Monte tomatoes from crash and burn section
- 1 bag red onions
- 4 (5 lb) bags Yukon Gold potatoes (IGA had them marked down to $1.50)
- 3 (28 oz) cans tomatoes ($1 at Ingles this week)

IGA also had oranges marked down to 33¢, so I picked up some of those and they had their bags of clementines on sale for $3.69 per bag, so I picked up one of those as well. I also picked up an apple to toss into my salads this week. 

Dinners This Week:

Sunday & Monday: Cheesy Potatoes, Soup Beans, Carrots, and Broccoli
Tuesday & Wednesday: Vegetable Soup
Thursday: Baked Potatoes & Salads
Friday: Still Deciding
Stayed Home/No Spend Days:

Tuesday & Wednesday (Snow Days!) 

Freebies This Week:

This week I earned another $5 gift card to Amazon from Microsoft Reward points. My balance is now $10 on Amazon. 

That's all the news from here this week. It's been cold, but not as cold as Chicago, so we count our  blessings. I hope you all have a great weekend!

~ Living within our Means ~

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