Water Water Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink

by - April 24, 2019

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Saturday evening as we were eating dinner we heard the sound of rushing water coming from downstairs, so we rushed down to find water spewing everywhere in the downstairs bathroom. There were two inches of water in the floor within the five minutes it took me to shut the water off. 

We spent the next three hours cleaning up water and mud that came when the water blew. Yuck. 

We're on a well system, so when the water is off we have no drinking water, cannot shower, wash our hands or dishes, flush the commode, wash laundry. Any of the normal everyday activities. 

After this happened, I made three phone calls to find an emergency plumber. No one answered their phones, which I figured must have been due to the Easter holiday. So I called my brother in law.

My brother in law and friend came over on Sunday morning to look at the problem and determined we needed a new regulator. My BIL went to Home Depot for parts and had the water turned back on around 4:30 that afternoon. 

So, we were without water for around twenty-four hours, but it was long enough to make me postpone our Easter dinner because I still had dirty dishes from Saturday night and I didn't want to add to the mess. We will have that dinner another day soon. 

Not using an emergency plumber definitely saved us money. We only had to spend about $30 on parts, so in the end the problem was fixed very frugally. 

The first thing I did when the water was turned on was to wash those dishes. I don't like having dirty dishes in my sink, but that also helps me save money. I wouldn't want to go into a dirty kitchen to cook, so keeping mine clean ensures I will go in there and cook, which saves us money over eating out. 
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