April 2019 End of the Month Wrap Up

by - May 01, 2019

My goals for April included at least fifteen no spend days, a new source of income, and no new debt. I ended up with twenty-two no spend days and no new debt! I have several ideas in the works for the new source of income, but I am still working on those. 

Some bloggers say no spend days don't work because they will simply spend the next day. In my case I like to string as many no spend days together as I can and hopefully have more no spend days than spend days. 

I think having twenty-two no spend days out of thirty is pretty good. Having no spend days helps me to save money by not spending it in the first place. 

My goals for May include no eating out, no new debt, and as many no spend days as I can get, which will hopefully be over twenty. 

Some of my spending in April included..

Gas $94.01
Groceries $132.69 
Insurance $255.67
Yard Sales $5.00

Insurance is normally our biggest spending category. It's a necessity in my book as I would not want to be without it. 

I already have my budget written out for May and plan to continue as many no spend days as possible. 

In May and June we will have income from pet sitting again. I am still working on other sources of income for the summer as well. 

Have you made any goals for May yet?
~ Living within our Means ~

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