Weekend Errands

by - June 23, 2019

Friday was errand day for me since Thursday was payday and I needed to get my check deposited into the bank, which was my first stop. 

The majority of my check was deposited except for a little bit of mad money for yard sales. 

Did I tell you I sold the Kenneth Cole leather laptop bag on eBay for $30.00? That was the one I bought at a yard sale for $1.00 earlier in the month. I ended up with about $25 after fees and will put that towards my car insurance, which is due at the end of next month. 

My next stop was at CVS where I had to pick up a RX for my daughter. I always ask for the free bottle of water when I'm there as that is a perk for getting prescriptions there. 

My next stop was the Chick Fil A in Ooltewah where they were offering a coupon for a free chicken sandwich when you made a mobile order between noon and one o'clock. Of course I ordered lemonade since it was hot.

My next stop was to Walmart as my daughter needed some more storage bags for her business. 

While there I found two pizzas on markdown for $3.54, so I picked up both of those. 

While I was there I visited the Freeosk machine and picked up this free sample of Downy Unstopables. 

I also used my free coupon for Hidden Valley Ranch and picked up a bottle of their cucumber ranch, which is my favorite. 

Another stop I made was at Great Clips as they sent me a coupon for a haircut for $7.99. I normally cut my own hair at home, but wanted to get a salon haircut to have a better trim/more control all around. The coupon was a $6.00 savings over their regular $14.00 haircut. 

I also stopped in at McDonalds to use one of my receipts for a free drink. I went ahead and ordered the lemonade as it's my favorite ever since they got rid of the Hi-C orange drink. 

What's odd about this promotion is they give you another receipt for another free drink if you fill out the survey for a free one.

Another stop I made was at Food City where I went to pick up some Sprite for my daughter. I also picked up four packages of marked down produce priced  at 56¢, 69¢, and two marked at 99¢. 

While there I picked up a deal on cheese, which was on sale when you bought five. They were 16 ounce bars selling for $3.99, so I bought five and they gave me $5.00 off my order. 

That makes each eight ounce portion $1.50, which is the price I'll stock up on when I find it. 

It was a busy day, but I was able to get so many things checked off my to do list. 

~ Living within our Means ~

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