Frugal Friday ~ July 12, 2019

by - July 12, 2019

This week I was able to buy a new pair of Chacos for $15.00. The retail price on these is anywhere from $70 and up with some costing over $100. The lady running the yard sale had worn them one time and didn't like them, so I was able to buy them for a great price. 

Chacos are very popular around here due to white water rafting and these being shoes that are great to wear in the river. They will replace a pair of flip flops that I've had for about ten years and are simply worn out. 

On Saturday we ran multiple errands. 

First stop was at Lowe's where we picked up a roll of plastic sheeting to cover a window along with some tacks, and foam insulation to fill in an area where air is leaking in and out of the house. 

This work has already reduced the temperature in the house by about 6 to 8 degrees, so a win-win situation. 

Next stop was the Flowers Bakery Outlet where we picked up two loaves of bread @ 79¢ each.

Then onto CVS where we picked up an RX along with two free bottles of water.

Next was the Dollar Tree where my daughter picked up several items. She also picked up some of the LA's Awesome Stuff because she had read so many great reviews on it. 

Next stop was Food City. All I needed to complete my menus this week was a pie crust, so we stopped in here for that. We also found three bags of sugar in the marked down section. 

Dollar General - They sell Campbell's cream of Potato soup in the 13 ounce can for $1.50. The grocery store sells the 10 ounce can for an even higher price, so if I'm using this I like to buy it at the Dollar General. 

Sonic & MCD's - picked up two free drinks and received two more receipts to get two more free drinks. 

On Thursday my daughter stopped in at Kroger and found the mother lode of meat markdowns. 

This week I used the last package of chicken and the last package of ground beef I had in our freezer, so this meat mark down find came at the right time and I consider it a blessing. We are definitely stocked up on meat for a long time to come. 

She also found marked down yogurt, milk, almond milk, sugar, and hamburger buns. She hit the store at the right time and was able to cash in on all these deals. 

How was your week? We'd love to read all about it in the comment section. 

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