Frugal Friday ~ July 19, 2019

by - July 19, 2019

Welcome to another Frugal Friday edition. I hope you've had a good and frugal week. 

Last Friday my daughter and I attended a Kevin O'Leary (of Shark Tank fame) event in Chattanooga. We thought it was going to be a motivational seminar, but it turns out they were just trying to sell us something.  We did come away with a free dinner though. 

Inside was a very nice chicken sandwich, chips, pasta salad, and a moon pie. We both received one of these along with a can of soda pop. The event was free, and these were free too, and we did enjoy getting out of the house and socializing with several people at the event. 

This week we both got in on a deal for a free $5.00 Dominos gift card from Bitmo. The Carma Project website wants you to check and see if your family car is in danger and to check for any recalls. You will need your VIN number or license plate number to do this. Once you check they send you the gift card instantly. 

We sold a crockpot that we rarely used on the Facebook Marketplace for $20 and we sold another appliance for $40.00. We are thinking we might need to forget selling clothes and sell appliances. LOL 

My car needed a new headlight, so my BIL bought and put one in for me and only charged me $10. 

This week I stayed home six days. Staying home not spending money and saving the gas in my car is a win-win situation for me. Plus as I've gotten older I have become more of a homebody. 

On Tuesday I ran some errands in town and stopped in Walmart for a few items. They had Cheez-its, in the family size box, on sale for $4.00, so I bought two boxes. Then I submitted a photo of my receipt to Kellogg's Family Rewards and earned 300 points. 

I know it might seem like a hassle to do that, but it does save me money. 

First off, I printed a coupon from the website to save $1.00 off the crackers at Walmart, which made them $3.00. 

Secondly, I printed a coupon for $1.00 off Keebler club crackers, which are on sale at Food Lion this week. 

$1.88 times two minus $1.00 divided by two makes the crackers $1.38, which is a great price for Keebler club crackers. 

So even though it takes a few steps to do Kellogg's Family Rewards it does save us money. 

I made sure to fill out my last receipt from McDonald's, so that we can get another free drink from there. 

My daughter stopped in at Ingle's on Thursday to check out the marked down items. 

She picked up two roasts and several packages of the larger size pepperoni, which will be used as sandwich meat on yard sale day. 

She also picked up several containers of marked down yogurt in the small size for 36¢ and four of the 32 ounce containers for 96¢. Needless to say our fridge and freezer are both stocked up right now. 

She also stopped in at Kroger to use some coupons they sent us in the mail. 

We were able to get two free items, which were one can of cream of potato soup and one dozen eggs. 

We also had a neighbor give us two dozen eggs this week because she had so many. We are definitely stocked up on eggs right now. 

That's all there is to report from here this week. How was your week? We'd love to read about it in the comment section. :)

~ Living within our Means ~
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