Frugal Friday on Sunday ~ July 28, 2019

by - July 28, 2019

Last Saturday we ventured out to yard sale, but the rain started soon afterwards, so it turned out to be a dud. We did go to Starbucks and got some work done via their free WiFi and had free refills on my iced green tea. 

Yesterday we ventured out to yard sale again and it turned out to be a great day. We actually took both cars because I wanted to go to a clothing closet ministry and Miss B wanted to go to a church yard sale. We met up afterwards and got into one car to continue our yard sale day.

The clothing ministry is run by a local church and once a month you can get free clothes. I went for my Mom who has been having nose bleeds due to her blood thinner and wanted some new shirts. 

I picked out several shirts and even some pants for free. She was so tickled with them. This is such a great ministry and such a good thing for our community. 

The church yard sale Miss B went to was selling clothes by the bag since it was the last day. She ended up with three large garbage bags for $10 each and got a lot of great pieces. 

While we were out and about I found an advertisement on my news feed for inexpensive produce, so we decided to go and investigate. 

 The store is called Root to Fruit and is on Ringgold Road in East Ridge for those who live locally. 

They had red pears pried at 4 for $1.00, so I definitely got those. I like pears but hardly ever buy them due to the price but this was a great price for them. 

We also bought cucumbers, tomatoes, and bananas, which were perfectly ripe enough to make banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. I made a few blueberry pancakes and even some chocolate chip pancakes this morning too. 

Afterwards we wanted to use up some $5/$7 vouchers we had from UberEats. (Google: Uber Eats $7 voucher) So we went to The Purple Daisy Cafe and both got a baked potato with the works for 65¢ each after our vouchers. 

Other frugal things we did this week include:

I received a survey in the mail from Consumer Opinion and also received $5 in advance from them for completing the survey. 

This week I repaired the hem on a pair of pants. These were pants we bought to resell. The hem had fallen out and had been walked on, but ironing and repairing the hem made them usable again. 

For meals this week we had pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, chicken tenders,  tacos, grilled chicken, and loaded baked potatoes. Most of those were served with potato salad on the side. 

Just last week my daughter picked up a five pound bag of potatoes in the produce section for 99¢. I took the entire bag and made a huge batch of potato salad that lasted us the entire week as a side dish.

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~
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