Introducing the New Frugal Workshop Podcast!

by - July 01, 2019

Good morning to all my frugal readers. I have a surprise for you. With the help of my daughter Bailey we have created a podcast to go along with the Frugal Workshop blog. 

It was Bailey who planted the seed in my mind to start a podcast and this is what I've been working on in June. 

The first podcast is basically an introduction on how I started my frugal journey and then it goes on to discuss other topics we will be discussing in future episodes. 

The first podcast is embedded here for you to listen to or you can go the Anchor website or the Spotify website and listen to it at either place. 

It will also be available on iTunes soon and I will let you know when that happens. 

If you decide to listen to the podcast I definitely want to hear from you with any feedback you might have for me. 

You can comment right here on the blog, DM me on Instagram at @frugalworkshop or even email me at 

If you're not into podcasts, that's OK too. I spoke about putting the transcript of the podcast on my blog for those who enjoyed reading more than they d0 listening. 

Please let me know if you would like to see the transcript printed here the day after it is published. :) 

~ Living within our Means ~

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