My Frugal Kitchen: What We Ate This Week

by - July 21, 2019

Here is a list of what I planned on making for dinner this past week:  

1. Pork Roast with Vegetables
2. Ham Pot Pie
3. Cheesy Potatoes
4. Baked Potatoes & Broccoli
5. Korean Pork
6. Hot Italian Sandwiches & Homemade Fries
7. Tacos

Sides This Week:
1. Pasta Salad
2. Cranberry Salad
3. Cucumber Salad

And here is what we actually made this week:

Sunday: My daughter picked up a pork roast on markdown for $3.99 this week, which included potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions. So that's what we are having for Sunday dinner. I also made some gravy, steamed some yellow squash, and made a gallon of fresh iced tea and go with this.
Monday: We definitely had pork roast leftover from Sunday, and I made sure to keep the gravy I'd made from the pan drippings. So on Monday I mixed the roast and with a bit of gravy. I also made mashed potatoes to go with this and had gravy for those as well. Sides were mixed vegetables, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and as always fresh iced tea. 

Tuesday: We like to make Tuesdays in our home family movie night. We want to see Toy Story 4 soon, so we re-watched the original Toy Story movie on this night.We had homemade pizza and I made individual salads to go with the pizza. 

Wednesday: One of my friends gave us some pork taco meat she had made recently. We have plenty of tortillas shells in our freezer and had all the ingredients needed for tacos. Lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, taco sauce. Her taco meat was delicious. 

Thursday: This was the day my daughter found some marked down Cheddar Bacon Burgers at Ingle's, so she bought lettuce, onions, and tomatoes to go with them. She also bought some onion buns and I had bought a new jar of pickles on Tuesday, so we had all the fixings with these hamburgers. 

Friday: We thought a Ham Pot Pie would be really good to try. I substituted ham for chicken and used the recipe I normally use and it turned out really good. We will definitely be making this again. 

Saturday: My daughter found these large packages of larger sized pepperoni on markdown this week, so that went along well with our Hot Italian Sandwiches this week. I made some homemade french fries to go along with them. 

We didn't make the Korean Pork or the Cheesy Potatoes, but I still have all those ingredients on hand in the freezer, so I will make them another time.

What was on the menu in your home this week?

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