Sunday Post #305

by - July 05, 2019

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The women's team has advanced to the final in the World Cup, and they play on Sunday- maybe even as you're reading this! I have been loving this tournament. I missed the USA/ England game and only caught the highlights- go Alex Morgan!- but hopefully I can catch the final. Are you watching? Also, I hope everyone in the U.S. had a great 4th of July! And if you're not in the U.S.- I hope you had a great week anyway!    

Do you read magazines? They've been in decline, I know, since the age of the internets but I still love just relaxing and reading a magazine sometimes. This week I was reading the latest Smithsonian- somehow we got a subscription and it comes to the house now- and there were some really interesting articles, including one on the Holy Land and one on the Burmese python invasion of south Florida. That was chilling and fascinating at the same time! That's a really good magazine, BTW.    

Limited Wish (Impossible Times, #2)The Girl in Red

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You're lonely when you're dead:


You Owe Me a MurderLast Ones Left Alive


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