Sunday Post #307

by - July 19, 2019

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Well my reading rebounded a bit this week. And this week seemed to fly by, too. I discovered a new show- Black Spot- which I am now addicted to and I've been binging. It's so atmospheric. It's a French show on Netflix and is like a mix of dark crime and supernatural stuff. I'm still enjoying The 100 this season too but I'm way behind on Big Little Lies now. *sigh* 

Let's see- what else? I'm thinking of doing some writing again. I've been on a hiatus I guess (unintended) but as I was looking over some old flash fiction I was feeling inspired again. This piece in particular got me thinking maybe it was time to revisit some ideas I was interested in, but never got to.    
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One last thing- many of you know of my love for digital art. One of my favorite artists is Artur Rosa, and he was recently interviewed in Digital Art magazine. That issue also happens to have a focus on future oceans. There's some neat stuff, including concept art for a proposed city at sea. If you love the ocean, and/ or want to see an interview with Artur you can check that out here. Amazing visuals. You can see more of the concept here      

The Girl in RedThe Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories

Song of the week 




Last Ones Left Alive


Speaking of future cities and Earth- friendly ideas, here's another concept of a floating city- the Green Float. Developed by the Japanese company that proposed the Ocean City idea I mentioned above. Some of this is pretty far in the future stuff but it's fascinating to look at, and I wish more people (especially here in the US) would dream big about stuff like this. 

And I had to share some pulp covers I saw this week. 


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