Dinotopia - Tentpole of the Sky

by - August 13, 2019

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This is my look at some of the iconic locations from Dinotopia. For those unfamiliar Dinotopia is an island lost in time- discovered by a Victorian era explorer and his son by accident. And the dinosaurs here are intelligent. Having developed into a species capable of using tools, they have allied with humans who have been shipwrecked on the island and have built a stable society together. And other than the occasional rogue dino coexistence is the norm.  

Today is my favorite location in Dinotopia- I actually bought the art print for this one. It's called the Tentpole of the Sky, and I think the isolated nature of it is largely what appeals to me. A touch of Shangri-La perhaps? 

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Also known as the Palace Among The Clouds, this location is a monastery built by Tibetans who found themselves in Dinotopia. It's inaccessible due to the mountainous terrain and supplies are brought in via Sky Galley. I can't imagine a more secluded place to think and reflect. I like to think how awe- inspiring the view would be, to stand on the snowy balconies with fine snow crystals blowing in my face, and the winds howling about the ramparts.  

Of course one has to warm up after some time spent outdoors, and what better than some hot buttered tea to warm up your insides? I think I could get cozy here, wrapped in a blanket and peering out the windows at the forbidding landscape. They ring bells at night to usher in the overnight hours, and there's always the Map Room to explore, with charts from all over Dinotopia- including maps detailing the World Beneath, that mysterious area beneath the surface.  

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