Frugal Friday ~ August 2, 2019

by - August 02, 2019

We bartered for this shopping cart last week. We were at a yard sale and the man running the sale wanted $5 for it. My daughter has been wanting one of these to easily move her inventory around the house. 

As the man was placing it into our car he noticed a cell phone holder we were not using. I told him he could have it if he wanted it and he was so tickled and told me the cart was paid in full. I didn't expect that as I was just going to let him have the cell phone charger for free, so that was a nice surprise. 

This is the last week of summer vacation before school starts back on Tuesday. I already have six days of subbing scheduled for August and five for September. So, this week I've been working on fixing up my sub bag. 

Last year I left my extension cord somewhere in one of the classrooms. I thought about buying a new one, but found one around the house I'm going to use instead. 

Same with paper towels, I'm going to tuck some flannel cloths in my bag instead of buying paper towels. Little savings along the way, but they do add up over time. 

June & July are in the books now as August 1st rolled around yesterday. We had a good summer, spending as little as possible, watching every penny. Going back to work will definitely boost my income and be welcomed. 

Yesterday I noticed the water was low in the half barrel we keep under the gutter downspout. The cats like to drink from this, so I took three buckets of water and filled it up yesterday. About an hour later a huge thunderstorm came, which would have filled it, so my efforts were futile. LOL

We stayed home all week except for Thursday evening when we went to McKay's Used Books. We traded several books for new to us books and had a good time. 

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