Frugal Friday ~ August 9, 2019

by - August 09, 2019

My daughter accidentally ordered some Great Value quart sized bags on her Walmart pickup order this week. She meant to order the gallon size. 

She returned them to Walmart for a refund and the customer service rep showed her how to do a return on her phone and let her keep the three bags she bought by mistake. I'm tickled because I can use these to take sandwiches to work. 

Pictured above is a package of Ball Park hot dogs that we bought on markdown for $2.99. We bought three of them. My daughter bit down on a bone in one of hers and so she does not want to eat anymore of them. 

I called Ball Park and sent them photos of the three packages. They mailed me a check for $10.00 to cover the cost of the hot dogs. I thought that was really good customer service. 

We have three of these containers from Cool Gear. The lids are very difficult to remove. In fact one of them had a fork stuck inside that I could not get out. So, I emailed Cool Gear and sent them photos with the fork stuck inside.

The customer service representative said she could see my fork stuck inside. I just love being able to send pictures instantly to these companies and getting assistance when a product fails. 

She said she was going to send me something in the mail and although it hasn't come yet, I will keep you updated. 


Here is my lunch bag I bought this summer ready for my first day back to school on Thursday. I took my sub bag to the car the night before, laid out my clothes the night before and was raring to go on Thursday. 

Woke up early and got there on time, went into the classroom and sat down. The teacher walks in and asks me why I'm there. Ugh.

He had mixed up the date and didn't need me until later in the month. It takes a lot of effort to do all of that and get there and then to not be able to sub or be paid was a big let down. 

He is a good person and I know he wouldn't do that to me on purpose, so I'm letting it go and moving on. I'll be subbing next week, so that's good. 

My daughter picked up a Fannie Flag audio book while she was thrifting this week. She knows I like Fannie Flag's Fried Green Tomatoes and figured I would like another book by her. I'll put this in my car to listen to while I'm driving.

Krispy Kreme was giving away one of their new Reese's doughnuts yesterday.  Your choice of peanut butter or chocolate. I chose the later and split mine with dd and we both though it was delicious. 

I received a neat little surprise yesterday, but I'm going to wait until next week to share it. So be sure to tune in next Friday to see what it is. :)

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