My Frugal Kitchen ~ What We Ate This Week

by - August 25, 2019

Here is a list of what I planned on making for dinner this past week: 

1. Chicken 
2. Tacos 
3. Pork Tenderloin 
4. Hamburgers 
5. Spaghetti 
6. Pizza 
7. Grilled Chicken 

Drinks Available: 

1. Water 
2. Iced or herbal tea, sweet or unsweetened 
3. Lemonade 
4. Green Tea 
5. Grape or Orange Juice 

Breakfast Options: Grits with or without cheese, Oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit are apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, 

Sunday: BBQ Pork Roast, Green Beans with Onions and Potatoes, and Rice with Cheese. 

Monday: Cheeseburgers, the last of the green beans with onions and potatoes, and corn. 

Tuesday: Beefy Baked Beans, Yellow Squash with Onions, the last of the Rice & Cheese from Sunday.

Wednesday: Another hot day subbing, so I took some pork taco meat out of the freezer this morning and placed it in the fridge to thaw during the day. 

When I got home I heated that up and found a package of lime taco shells (can't recall where they came from, but glad to use up this lurker). I warmed those up, grated some cheese, and diced some lettuce and tomatoes. I served this with some corn on the side. 

Thursday: Hot Italian Sandwiches & Chips

Friday: Fiesta Rice or Ham & Rice

Saturday: My Dad is in town and treated us to dinner at the Mexican restaurant. I had grilled chicken with Mexican rice and cheese dip. Delicious. 

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