Sunday Post #310

by - August 09, 2019

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This week my reading has been kinda ambivalent. As in, not much. I did watch the finale of The 100 though, and have mixed feelings (and about the season generally). Still, I love the show. Oh, and the news this week was that next season will be the last. I still have to finish The Rain and Big Little Lies. And... I'm still feeling the hangover from Black Spot. In other news, I was thinking about summertime memories this week- with it being August already, summer is going fast. Remember when summer seemed to last forever?  

That reminded me of a favorite memory. When I was a kid we used to vacation in a town about two hours or so north of us, and there's a National Guard camp there. Every year on our way up we'd pass these convoys of National Guard trucks and jeeps and whatnot. I used to love watching the convoys... truck after truck after jeep- it seems like they went on for miles. 

So do you have a favorite summer memory? Oh, and I have a Movies That Suck post coming too.       

In the WoodsSomeone We Know

Song of the week eek 


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Wilder Girls


I love ambient music and sometimes I just let this play. It's fun to just leave it on my screen and watch the fish- the only problem is the music seems to get a little repetitive. The following one is a new mix from JediMaster, who puts together pretty good ambient/ space mixes every month or so. This one is nice.   

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