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by - August 16, 2019

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I just want to say I really enjoyed everyone sharing their summer memories last week on my Sunday Post. I had reminisced about a favorite memory of mine and had asked what some of your favorite memories were, and so many of you responded. I appreciate you all sharing. And in other news I finally finished Big Little Lies. Amazing, I know.  

The big news this week (for me, anyway) is that I finally wrote a Movies That Suck post. Yes, one is coming this week. However I'm sorry to report that my first choice of movies- The Lost Continent- is sadly unavailable. Or, rather, it's available but super pricy, considering it's out of print basically. But just so you can see what you're missing, here you go. .       

A shame, right? I mean that is tailor made for Movies That Suck. Never fear, however, if I ever manage to snag a copy of that bad boy I'll be sharing it. Okay, so I had to look elsewhere. And I came up with... Dragonslayer! Yes, that little gem is getting the Movies That Suck treatment this week. Enjoy... or whatever. 

In other other news I found an awesome short film this week based on Lord of the Rings. Honestly, this is GOOD. I actually found two of these things- the other one is below - and while both are good, this one is phenomenal. Seriously, give it a try.


In the WoodsSomeone We Know

Song of the week 


Image result for if worlds of science fiction


Wilder Girls


This is that other short film I was referring to. Seriously, the acting (and the actors, frankly) are on point in this. I thought I'd try a few minutes of it and ended up watching the whole thing!  

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