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by - August 23, 2019

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I saw this week that Archive Of Our Own (the fanfiction site) won a Hugo Award at Worldcon. You can see the post here. How cool is that? Fanfic has come a long way! And did you know Naomi Novik was a founder of AOOO? I had no idea. I used to be a little skeptical of fanfic, to be honest, but like a lot of people my views have evolved. I used to think I would rather write my own stuff- and I would, generally- but I also appreciate fanfic now and understand it better. I've even written some. I've been trying to decide whether I want to post new fanfic to AOOO or Wattpad, and this news makes me lean towards Archive. Although I could post both places I suppose. 

Do you like fanfiction? What do you think about Archive Of Our Own winning?   

Have you heard of Mythothon? It's a readathon going on over at Foxes and Fairytales based on mythology, but you don't have to read mythology books- the prompts are just mythology based.         
\Image result for dragonslayer gif

Movies That Suck returned this past week with Dragonslayer. Vermithrax is without a doubt one of the coolest dragons ever put on film. Have you seen it? If not, I got ya covered. :) And this week we have Soylent Green! 

You know, we are only three months (less than three) from Nov 2019. The era of Blade Runner. So I thought I would do a little dystopia countdown. 

blade runner GIF

Thank goodness NYC isn't this crowded yet.

Soylent Green

At least 2274 is a ways off. 

sci-fi running GIF 

In the WoodsSomeone We Know

Song of the week


Violence is Golden novel by C.H. Thames pulp cover art woman girl dame scuba diver treasure chest man harpoon gun danger gold coins shipwreck foreign exotic #scubadiverart #GoldInvesting


Wilder Girls


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