Frugal Friday ~ September 13, 2019

by - September 13, 2019

Last weekend we canned two dozen jars of green beans and two more jars of peppers. Jody bought a new pressure canner and we worked together to make this happen. We already have big plans for next year to do even more stuff now that we have a canner to use. 

This week I subbed four days and packed lunches and drinks all four days. One day was in the hot gym where I normally take my Bubba Keg with me, but something happened to it and the valve inside broke. 

I've already contacted the Bubba company and sent them photos. They'll let me know in a few weeks what they decide. These items have a lifetime warranty on them.

The hot weather continues to be an issue here, although it has cooled down a few degrees since the August heat wave. 

My daughter was able to get in on a good deal on Weber spices. Publix had them on sale and she combined them with a coupon, which made them 20¢ each. She stocked up on our favorite Garlic & Herb one and we were able to share with friends.

Yard Sale Saturday:

This notebook was priced at only 10¢, so I picked that up and put in my sub bag. I've already been using it this week. I also found three books. Two of them are older Southern Living cookbooks and one was a book to save money on electricity. 

We watched Aladdin and Manchester By The Sea for free online this week. 

So far this month I've bought four Christmas presents. Two of them were bought with Amazon gift cards. Christmas is only 103 days away from today. 

I want to have a frugal Christmas this year, paid in full and I'm starting early to do that as I only have four paychecks between now and Christmas. 

Planing ahead will help us have a debt free Christmas. All of these were shipped to my home for free, so no money spent on gas for them. 

This week I was running low on Ibuprofen, so rather than drive a forty mile round trip, I ordered some online and it was shipped for free to my home. That saves me time and gas money. 

In my Frugal Kitchen this week...

Tuesday was the day I was able to stay home this week and as usual I spent extra time in the kitchen. One of the things I made was apples in my Instant Pot. I had an abundance of apples and wanted to use them up before they went bad. 

We've been busy eating down our pantry and it's beginning to show. We're going grocery shopping on Saturday this week to replenish things. 

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~
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