Sunday Post #314

by - September 06, 2019


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So this week I got back on track a little, doing some blogging and even some *gasp* reading! Yay me. And Movies That Suck returned! For a while there I wasn't really feeling any movies but I'm happy to report that inspiration (if you want to call it that) struck and I now have a short list of candidates for future posts. Isn't that exciting? Oh, and I just added Sucker Punch to the list. Has anyone seen that?    

In other news I don't know if anyone noticed this last week but there's a really cool short Benjen Stark story below. I thought this was really well done. 

Otherwise I'll be reviewing Someone We Know on Thursday (finally), and oh I almost forgot. I saw this cool looking podcast this week- looks like the first episode is out. Does this sound awesome or what? 


Someone We Know

Song of the week


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Wilder Girls



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