Sunday Post #316

by - September 20, 2019


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So this week kinda flew by, or at least it felt that way. It cooled down early in the week and we had beautiful weather and mild temps. It got a little warmer again but still we're having a nice end to summer. I've been having the windows open at night and listening to the night sounds- it's been nice. In other news I got a new computer- my old one died an ignominious death a couple weeks ago and I was splitting my time between an even older one and my Chromebook. The old one had an ancient operating system so there were some sites I couldn't even function on- commenting on Disqus was an issue also.


Anyway Movies That Suck returned this week with Logan's Run! I'm still trying to get on track with books. My reading has just been down for a few weeks. It doesn't help that I've been watching Roll20 gaming streams- I've kinda gotten addicted to their playthrough of Dungeon of the Mad Mage. You can check out all the fun here

I also found a podcast I like! Long time readers may know that I've struggled with podcasts, kinda like audiobooks- I get distracted. I want to multi- task and then I end up missing stuff. But this week I tried Derelict and wow- this is an awesome podcast. I recommend this very highly.   

Wilder GirlsSomeone We Know

Song of the week




The Perfect Wife


If you like tropical ambience- I've been playing this in the background. 

Image result for my first acid trip dr seuss pinterest

Image result for mommy needs medication to love us book

I Dont Give a Fuck, Fuck, and Medical: "My give a fuck gland was"  SURGICALLY REMOVED  690  39  With an Introduction by  Flanders Dunbar, M.D.  OUR  I Don't Give a Fuck...  For Medical Reasons.

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