Sunday Post #317

by - September 27, 2019


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I have bronchitis apparently and have been totally out of it all week. It started more or less on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was sick as a dog- no energy, congested, the whole thing. I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and they've been seeing a lot of pneumonia but they think I just have bronchitis, so it's steroids for me. I'm typing this out Friday night and I can happily report I'm feeling better, so yay me. I skipped a couple posts this week but did manage to get out Movies That Suck. 

I've been thinking of changing up my format for Movies That Suck. I mean, they're long posts and I tend to stream-of-consciousness react to the movie as I watch, but are they too long? Should I just hit the highlights (or lowlights, as it were)? I try to cover the plot and pretty much everything that happens, more or less, but I'm wondering what you think. Is less more in this case? Or do you like the way I'm doing them? And if you could care less or are like "what Movies That Suck?", well that's okay also. :) 

This week I'll have my review for Someone We Know (I promise) and my review for Wilder Girls is coming as well. I've been slacking. It's just that I've been doing everything but reading, seems like, and this week has been a disaster.        

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