Arctica Vol. 6 The Fugitives

by - October 01, 2019

Arctica Vol. 6: The Fugitives

Arctica Vol. 6 is another breakneck installment that sees yet more twists and turns in this series. The Child has been captured- again!- and is now in an underwater base. These Euro comics seem to like their underwater bases by the way- I'm reading about these all the time. Anyway while this is going on Mimsy goes public with news of the Child- she figures media attention will help their cause- but the European defense ministry shuts that action down right now. To make matters worse she's nabbed and waterboarded by agents who want to find Dakota- and they're about to torture her even worse when Dakota- surprise- shows up. 

The Child meanwhile wakes up to find herself being questioned by a council of masked people- who it turns out are descendants of the aliens who came to Earth millennia ago. They want her to help them translate a book left behind, a book they can no longer read. She can because she was rescued and spent time with the aliens and learned the language. She's like thanks but no thanks though and escapes- with the book! These masked guys, while kinda spooky, are kinda incompetent too. 

It's funny because the aliens themselves, as we see in flashbacks, don't seem too bad. They treat the Child well and want to live in harmony with man. Yet their descendants are a bunch of assholes. Anyway to be fair the Child has a good reason anyway for hating them, since her grandfather died in the operation where she was captured. 

Thankfully Dakota and Mimsy escape from their mess and the Child manages to reach them by phone- turns out she's on Alderney- and she leads the masked dudes on a merry chase while Dakota and Mimsy try to get there. The Child is the smartest person in this story, I'm thinking. Dakota has a plane- because of course- but it's an old biplane type thing, whatever, and they get there just in time. More shenanigans ensue, including some sheep that practically get run over- I'm sorry, it was funny!- and they get away, finally making it to France where they can take shelter with Dakota's friend Antoine. 

They're safe there, right? Off the grid? Sadly, no. The CIA is now involved and tracks them via satellite, and soon we have more gunplay. I'd be exhausted. We learn a few more things though as the Child translates the book. The alien scouts way back when had planned to go back and get more of their people to colonize Earth, but decided once they were here to not do that. Instead they settled with the early humans and eventually became part of the population. Oh and the Child's name? It's Lulha. 

 Now I can write Lulha instead of the Child. Finally. Oh and just a heads up- Antoine's dog dies in the inevitable attack that happens. That might bother some readers so I wanted to mention it. And as this one winds down Lulha and the others plan their next move, but unknown to them the CIA is on to them and tracking their moves. 

A solid installment and a lot happens. There are now at least three factions out to get Lulha- seriously if Dakota and Mimsy survive this where will they live? Everyone wants them dead. Also Antoine doesn't survive and that kinda sucked. At some point Dakota's going to have to not involve people he knows- their life expectancy drops sharply when they get involved. 

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