Frugal Friday

by - October 25, 2019

We made it to Friday...yeah! :)

This week I was able to work four days. As usual I packed lunch and drinks all four days. 

Over the weekend my daughter and I stopped at the Flowers Baking Thrift Store in Chattanooga. 

These are the items we picked up:

Pumpkin Bagels $2.49 
(50¢ each and made for a quick &  inexpensive breakfast) 

Dave's Killer Bread - $2.00 each 
(Made great grilled cheese)

Nature's Own Bread - 79¢ each

Sunmaid Raisin Bread - $1.39 each

This little bread outlet saves us so much money on bread products. It's always crowded when we go there too and for good reason. 

Tuesday night is movie night around here and Bailey received a free Redbox rental for her birthday. 

The movie we wanted to see wasn't available, so we rented A Dog's Purpose instead. This film tells the story of a devoted dog who discovers the meaning of his own life through the lives of the humans he loves. It was definitely worth watching.

Since summer has come to an end, Saturday Night has become our board game and soup night. 

This past Saturday I made Potato Soup earlier in the day and we played several different board games that evening. 

The games we played that night include the game of Sorry, Words with Friends, and Ticket to Ride New York. 

The original Ticket to Ride game is also one that we play regularly as well. In this game players connect North American cities by way of train routes. The game challenges you to get the best train routes before your opponent. 

Let me tell you that Bailey is a whiz when it comes to playing board games like this. She was an expert at the game of checkers at a very young age and has only gotten better and more skilled with age. She takes notes when we are playing and just about beats me every time with her strategic planning. 

Board games can be a lot of fun and these days there are YouTube videos out there to show you how to play certain games. It's how we learn to play some of the more modern games. 

As you may remember, we celebrated Bailey's 22nd birthday last week. 

Here is a photo of the Cherry Dr. Pepper cake I made for her:

I've not made a cake using a can of soda pop before I made this cake. I would have to do the math to see if the can of soda (28¢) would be cheaper than using eggs, oil, and water to make a cake. The soda pop made the cake very moist and it stayed moist for the entire week. 

We went out to eat on her birthday at her favorite Mexican restaurant. I think the food tasted even better since we hadn't eaten out in months. 

This week I found a nickle in the parking lot while I was pumping gas. Bailey found a quarter in the floor at Goodwill also. 

This week I entered and won a contest for the Joy of Cooking cookbook. It will be a few weeks before it arrives, but I'll be sure to take a picture of it when it does. 

One of our friends gave us two bags of apples and one bag of oranges this week, which was very nice. 

Tonight for dinner I'll be making spaghetti and using up several cans from my pantry and I'll be making Taco Soup for our board games on Saturday night. 

I hope you've had a great frugal week and that your weekend is relaxing and blessed. 

~ Living within our Means ~
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