Song Lyrics #21 Flesh For Fantasy

by - October 20, 2019


This week I'm looking at Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol. This song is different, and I'm not even sure what it's about (well, I have an idea, obviously, but with the Idol one you never truly know). I mean on the surface it's obviously about sex, but if you dig deeper? Okay, sex haha. Apparently this was on an episode of Miami Vice as well, as a song playing in a strip club. Hmmm... okay. So it's not very deep maybe lol, but... I like the beat, and just the general groove. I mean, strip away the lyrics (see what I did there?) and it's just a powerful, driving tune regardless.         

So what do you think?   


There's a change in pace 
For fantasy and taste 
Do you like good music? 
Do you like to dance? 
Oh yeah
Hanging out for a body shop at night 
Ain't it strange what they do to feel alright? 
Oh yeah
So when will you call? 
I am experienced 
Oh yeah 

Face to face and back to back 
You see and feel my sex attack 
Sing it 
Flesh, flesh for fantasy
We want
Flesh, flesh for fantasy 

It's after midnight
Are you feeling alright 
Oh yeah
Turn on the light babe
Are you someone else tonight

Neighbor to neighbor, door to door
Don't ask questions 
There's time for it all, oh yeah

Face to face
And back to back 
You see and feel
My sex attack, sing it 
Flesh, flesh for fantasy 

We cry 
Flesh for fantasy 

Fathers, love his sons 
Mothers, daughters too
It's an old, old story
Cries the new world too 

Flesh! Flesh! Flesh for fantasy 
We want 
Flesh, flesh for fantasy
We want 
Flesh, flesh for fantasy 

You cry
Flesh, flesh for fantasy 

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