UPtv's Saturday Movie Premiere - Love, Alaska

by - October 24, 2019

Saturday, October 25, 2019:

Love, Alaska

Storyline via UPtv: When a young doctor inherits her uncle’s practice in her small home-town of Love, Alaska, she returns there to find something things are the same; like the town’s annual Love festival, and some things have changed; like her childhood friend Finn who has grown into a handsome, if not troubled, man.

See the premiere of Love, Alaska
Saturday, October 25, 2019
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv

Encore Airing: Saturday Oct. 26 at 10:57pm/9:57c.

*Please Note: This in not a Christmas movie. The main character, Finn, struggles with PTSD after returning home from his military service. Due to this sensitive storyline, this film may not be suitable for young children. I've included a trailer of this movie below.

Trailer Video Clip:

I hope this movie will be helpful to those who have served our country and also deal with Post Traumatic Stress. I personally don't consider it to be a disorder. It is that person's feelings, and I pray with love and help from family, friends, or a furry friend, they will overcome it.

God bless our Military. As a daughter of a veteran, I am grateful for those who have served and those who serve today. Please know, although I do not know your name, YOU are always in my prayers.

Blessings to you all, Net

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