A Christmas Princess - an ION Christmas Movie Premiere!

by - November 24, 2019


Movie: A Christmas Princess

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 1, 2019


Shein Mompremier ... Jessica Byrnes
Travis Burns ... Prince Jack
Erin Gray ... Queen Alice
Andrew Lauer ... Rupert
Robert Pierce ... King Connor
Galyn Görg ... Linda
Stuart O'Keeffe ... Gideon
Cameron Jebo ... Ernie
Emma Lane ... Lady Eliza
Kathryn Schneider ... Hailee
Deborah Tucker ... Kate
Anthony M. Bertram ... Gary
Peter Johnson ... Newspaper Clerk
Bill Smith ... Mr. Ortez
Nikki Lowe ... Susie


Storyline via ION: A struggling chef living in a trendy New York borough, Jessica took over a small restaurant where she used to work as a waitress, but it’s growing tough to make ends meet. Prince Jack, who’s in the city for his family’s annual Christmas charity dinner, finds himself in need of a last-minute chef for the royal event when he meets Jessica. As their relationship evolves and a romance blooms, so do the obstacles. But as the event arrives, she decides to go through with the dinner, and may just get the best Christmas present of all… love.

Produced by: Hybrid

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*images via: ION Television

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