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by - November 29, 2019

This month I paid in full some charges I made on two credit cards in order to avoid paying any interest charges on them. 

I listed multiple items for sale on eBay this week including some Boxtops for Education. They are switching over to a new system and won't be offering the paper Boxtops any longer, so I wanted to sell them before they stop making them. 

The Boxtops sold within the hour of listing them on eBay. 

We did not eat out this week and ate all of our meals at our home or with family. We even took sandwiches and drinks with us on Saturday when we needed to run errands just in case we got hungry. 

We stopped in at Aldi the day we were running errands. They had packages of chicken with two breasts in each package marked for $3.00 each, but had $2.00 off coupons attached. We bought seven packages and put them in the freezer when we got home. 

The Republic of Tea sent me a catalog with a free tea bag sample and a coupon for $10 off any order over $10. I ordered an item to be included with a Christmas present. 

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Paper Dolls by Cory was created by Cory Jensen who shares his creations on Facebook for free. 

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If you know of any small children who would enjoy playing with paper dolls, these are offered for free on Cory's Facebook page. 

All you have to do is print them out. With the right presentation, they would make some children a lovely and inexpensive Christmas present. 

One place to get free eBooks is the website You can check it daily to find interesting books to read. I use the filters there to find non-fiction books to read as those are my favorite books because I like to learn new skills. 

Yesterday we spent a lovely day with family. We enjoyed the day, ate good food, laughed, and looked at old photographs of us when we were young and spry. 

Today we are going to spend the day with family again before they go back to Florida tomorrow. No black Friday shopping for us though. How about you?

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