Sunday Post #324

by - November 15, 2019

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It feels like full- on winter here. We have snow on the ground (just a little) and it's been cold all week (30's/ low single digits C). Looks like January! Although today the sun is out and it's a little nicer, so maybe we have a thaw lol. In other news, SciFi Month is rolling along- hard to believe it (and November in general) are half over. Are you following SciFi Month at all? You can find the schedule here if you want to see everyone's posts. I sadly have not posted anything yet- it's one of those months- but I did post my second Star Wars fanfiction this week. It's called An Old Friend, and picks up where my last one left off- with Luke re- entering the Dark side cave. Because that would be fun, right?   

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Oh, and the trash pick-up went without a hitch today, apparently.  

Wilder GirlsSongs from the Deep

Song of the week


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The Perfect Wife


I found more romantic comic covers- you can find my first batch here- I may have to do another post. :) 

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