THANK YOU UPtv for these Great Gifts, Plus *Gilmore the Merrier* and *A Christmas Movie Christmas!*

by - November 25, 2019

On this Thanksgiving week, I wanted to say a special *Thank You* to my dear friends at UPtv for the thoughtful gifts they recently sent to me.

First, their special surprise arrived in the cutest little white box with their logo "UPtv Christmas Movie Christmas" on the side! It was so adorbs... I could hardly wait to open the box!

I carefully opened the flap and discovered inside a wonderful Yeti Traveler Tumbler (what a great gift!) with the UPtv logo on it, of course... plus, darling "Gilmore Girls" socks and a schedule of all the new UPtv Christmas Movies! I loved it all!!!

Thank you UPtv for these incredible sweet gifts!!!

This week is *Gilmore the Merrier* on UPtv - a marathon of "Gilmore Girls" episodes from the beginning to end! On my socks - are the inspirational words "omnia paratus," which means, translated from Latin, “ready for all things.” It was a popular phrase used in the "Gilmore Girls" series. I've not seen all of the episodes, myself, but I've caught some fun ones, here and there, and I know it has such a huge following! I always loved the bantering conversation between Lorelai and Rory.

Plus, if you like my gifts, then you'll like this special treat from UPtv:
Scott Patterson, who plays Luke Danes, will host UPtv’s binge-a-thon of every Gilmore Girls episode. “GilMORE the Merrier” will also feature a watch-and-win sweepstakes containing hourly prizes during the marathon… plus 10 grand prizes. It’s the ultimate “Gilmore Girls” viewing party all throughout Thanksgiving week!

A little "Gilmore Girls" trivia:

Did you know the "Gilmore Girls," Mother and Daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, lived in "The Waltons" house! Well, kind of! The original exterior of The Waltons home used in the series was on the Warner Brothers' back lot in Burbank, California. Unfortunately, that set burned down and they turned the land into a parking lot.

However, a replica of "The Waltons" house was built on the Warner Brother's Ranch lot in Burbank for the Reunion Movies that took place after the original series ended. This home/set was used as the fictional Dragonfly Inn in the show "Gilmore Girls," that was set in the fictional east coast town of Stars Hollow and followed the day to day life of this Mother and Daughter.

image: UPtv

Also, be sure to look for ALL the new UPtv Christmas Movie Premieres and encore airings throughout the Christmas movie season! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Christmas Movie guide directly from UPtv!

Thank you, again, UPtv - for making my day even Merrier with these sweet gifts!

Have a Blessed, Joyful,
Happy Thanksgiving Week, Everyone!

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