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by - November 18, 2019


They sought new worlds...  

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This week is a topic about changes in our reading life. Hmm... since I started blogging my reading tastes (and habits, I guess) have changed dramatically. I've discovered so many new genres and books I never would have tried. So let me try to break this down...    

1) Author Relationships

Like most book bloggers I get offered ARC's and books in exchange for an honest review, and one of the great things about this hobby is getting to know some fabulous people who just happen to be authors! 

2) General fiction

I've always been a fantasy/ SF person mostly, and now I read so much more widely. A prime example, which I know I've mentioned before a zillion times, but Big Little Lies is probably a book I never would have tried, and I loved it.

Big Little Lies

3) European graphic novels

I highlighted some favorites last week, but since getting ComiXology (and largely due to blogs) I have discovered an entire world of comics and graphic novels I hardly knew existed. Some of my favorite stuff right now is coming out from Soleil, Dargaud and various other Euro publishers.      

Golden City Vol. 1: Wreck Raiders

4) Twitter? 

Okay so maybe Twitter is a mixed blessing lol but seriously- I love it. Even though I've been terrible about keeping up with it or posting lately, I love connecting w/ other bookish fans there. 

5) Comments

The best thing ever. Seeing comments on a review or blog post means connecting with other bloggers and friends and is probably the most rewarding part of blogging, honestly- not just getting comments, but the interaction (and yes I've been trash at replying lately, but I'm trying)!!

6) Discussion posts

I love a good discussion post, whether on someone's blog or even if I come up with one I like. Kinda like above with comments- it gives us all a chance to hang out and stuff. 

7) I read more books (except when slumping)

I say that because I just came out of a super slump where I hardly read anything for like two months. Sure I got through some graphic novels but I've read two books in the last week that I wanted to read literally two months ago! But yeah, in general I read a ton more now, because ALL the stuff. 

8) Readathons and whatnot

I mean, right now we have SciFi Month happening, holiday readathons, and just so many different bookish events going on at any one time. The blogosphere is just a wonderland of bookish activities and honestly- I love it. 

9) Goodreads

Okay this is funny I know since I am TERRIBLE at updating Goodreads, but there are so many groups and stuff going on that if I had the time I would be there all the time. I love Goodreads- I just need to make some time for it. 

10) Favorite books

Yay I made 10! Okay this is redundant probably but some of my favorite books have come about because I've started blogging, and it's kinda scary to think that maybe I never would have discovered these. 

The Shark Club

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