A New Christmas Cartoon with Kittens, plus Rudolph & Frosty and A Storybook Christmas!

by - December 06, 2019

Tonight's NEW Christmas Entertainment on TV...

Friday, December 6, 2019:

An all new "purr"-fectly sweet cartoon...

Spookely and the Christmas Kittens

image: Holiday Hill Enterprises, LLC

Story details via k6mediagroup.com: Mistletoe was born on Christmas day and when the other kittens saw him… they all ran away. Mistletoe had given up hope of ever having a home. But, when he finds three little lost kittens and meets Spookley the Square Pumpkin, he learns the magic of kindness. Then a surprise gift from Santa changes everything.

*Based on the book Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens by Joe Troiano
Click Here for details on this book - Available at Amazon!

See the premiere of
Spookely and the Christmas Kittens
(a 45 minute cartoon special)
Friday, December 6, 2019
at 7pm/6c. on Disney Junior

*Following this special on Disney Jr., is a Christmas themed episode of the cartoon, T.O.T.S. titled Santa Baby: Shear Madness.

More... Friday, December 6, 2019:

Could this be...

A Storybook Christmas

image: Lifetime

Storyline via Lifetime: If event planner Celeste Everett (Liebert) is going to save her business and give her niece a happy Christmas season, she is going to need help. When the nanny she hires turns out to be a man (Epstein), Celeste surprisingly realizes she may have also found Christmas love for herself.

A Storybook Christmas premieres
Friday, December 6, 2019
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime

*Please Note: I have not previewed this film, so I don't know, yet, if it will be family friendly. Please be sure to check ratings and use your own discretion when watching.

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season! I can hardly believe there are less than 20 days until Christmas now! Where does the time go?

As a cat lover, I'm definitely going to be watching the new kitten cartoon, Spookely and the Christmas Kittens. I can hardly resist their little meows and the way they rub on your arm or leg to get your attention. They are so adorable. I've never seen a green kitty cat or pink, blue, or yellow, like the ones featured in the cartoon, so this should be interesting!

Plus, look for the classic cartoons... Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer airing tonight on Freeform!

I recently updated the Christmas TV Schedule with the latest changes, and I've added in even more movies for the week ahead.

Joyous Christmas Blessings to You All! Net

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