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by - December 29, 2019

My Christmas Cactus has been beautiful this year and I wanted to share a photo of it with my readers. 

One frugal tip I want to share with you this week is in regards to Dawn dish soap, which can be used in several ways around your home. Today I'm going to share two ideas with you. 

The first tip concerns washing laundry. When you go to put your laundry in your washer be sure to squirt a small amount of Dawn dish washing detergent into the machine. This will help get any stains out of your clothes.  

The second tip I want to share is to take a reusable plastic bottle and squirt a small amount of Dawn into it and fill the rest of the way with water. 

This makes a great cleaner for counters, cabinets, stoves, and washing one or two dishes. 

Stretching your Dawn out this way will definitely save you money in the long run because one bottle will last much longer when you stretch it out this way. 

Speaking of laundry, we are quickly coming to the end of our stash of laundry detergent, which we bought when my daughter was couponing back in 2016. We have not bought laundry detergent or Soft Scrub in all that time. 

This month I bought my first bottle of Soft Scrub in three years. Now we are going to have to start buying laundry detergent again or find another way to wash our laundry. Stayed tuned for updates on this process. 

Speaking of being frugal, while I was wrapping Christmas presents last week I made sure to use something up before I opened a new one. 

For example, I made sure to use ALL the gift tags on a sticker sheet before I opened a new package. I made sure to use all the bows before I opened a new pack. 

And I do that with other items all year long. I make sure to empty a container of something before I open a new bottle. 

My Mother had a bad habit of opening new bottles before she used up the older bottles. As a result, she had her bathtub lined up with multiple bottles of half filled shampoo, which was very wasteful. Use up those items and save yourself some money. 

My Hamilton Beach hand mixer, given to me by my exdh for Christmas in the early 1990s, bit the dust while I was making a cheese ball last week. 

Holiday cooking always makes me nostalgic especially when I use appliances like this and remembering people who are long gone and it made me a little sad. 

To the rescue was my Mom's Dormeyer hand mixer (100 watts) from the 1960s, which didn't have as much power as mine had (290 watts), but it got the job done.

We did go out on Friday after Christmas to get some wrapping paper and bows, which were priced at 50% off. We have plenty to add to our stash for next year. 

The other days this week we've been staying home and working a few hours in the morning and then playing games in the afternoon and watching a Christmas movie in the evenings. It's been fun & saves us money by staying home and using what we have to entertain ourselves. 

How was your week? Any frugal wins you'd like to tell us about in the comment section? We would love to hear about them. 

~ Living within our Means ~
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