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Erin Cahill and Nicholas Gonzalez - 2019 Christmas On The Range

My Review...

Actress Erin Cahill (of "Love Fall and Order," "Random Acts of Christmas") shines in the holiday film, “Christmas on the Range,” as Kendall Riley, devoted rancher’s daughter who is strong-willed and determined to expand her family farm.

Even though it’s Christmastime, when you expect “Peace-on-earth, good will toward men…,” Kendall’s neighbor, Brick McCree (portrayed by A Martinez), will stop at nothing to sabotage Kendall and turn the Riley farm into financial ruin.

Lindsay Wagner and A Martinez - 2019 Christmas On The Range

When Brick’s ex-wife, Lillian (portrayed by Lindsay Wagner), and son, Clint (portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez), discover he has cancer, they return to the ranch for the holidays, anticipating it might be his last. From there, you might expect Brick’s Grinch-like heart to soften and mellow, but an old vendetta from the past stirs up a hornet’s nest that he can’t seem to let go.

When Kendall initially meets Clint in an intense moment when her cow is birthing, she is relieved to discover Clint is a veterinarian. Thankfully, he has arrived at just at the right time to help deliver the breach baby calf. Kendall immediately warms to Clint after that, until she discovers he is Brick’s son. Kendall justifiably fears Clint has joined up with his father in an effort to spy on her farming methods and conspire against her in an effort to make her lose the ranch. But... is there a chance he might only be there to make things right? Can Clint McCree, Brick McCree's son, be trusted, after all?

Erin Cahill and Nicholas Gonzalez - 2019 Christmas On The Range

Good friends in the community stand by Kendall’s side and are always there for her when she needs them, especially her friends at the beauty shop, who enjoy gossiping and are quite intrigued by the fact that Kendall seems to be gradually opening up her heart to Clint McCree. Can Kendall actually have faith and trust in him, even though he is Brick’s son?

Is it possible for Rancher Brick McCree to ever change? Can deep hurts from the past be mended like fences and a gate to the future be opened that unites these two families?

I was so engrossed by what was going to happen next, I couldn’t wait to see the next scene. There was such a great mix of high level intensity and funny, laugh-at-loud, lighthearted levity.

This Christmas adventure is filled with lots of action, adversity, and triumph, secrets from the past, revenge, redemption, love and family.

I most definitely recommend seeing “Christmas on the Range” this Holiday Season. By the way, this movie would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

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Christmas Blessings to You All, Net

Erin Cahill - 2019 Christmas On The Range

In case you missed it...

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Cahill for "Christmas on the Range." You can see our interview - *HERE*!

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