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I know many of us miss the glow and warmth of Christmas once the season draws to a close, but we can keep that same spirit in our hearts and with Hallmark, once again, it never really ends!

Join Hallmark Drama every Wednesday night, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Thursday nights, and the Hallmark Channel on Friday nights - all throughout the year (as the promo "currently" says) for classic Christmas movies!

Here's what you can look forward to this week...

The first Hallmark Drama Christmas movie (after Christmas) is "The Christmas Heart" on Wednesday, January 8th at 9pm/8c..

Airing just before that, is another heartwarming, touching movie, "The Color of Rain," at 7pm/6c., which is Christmassy at the very end of the movie. Stars Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie. (See my review - here.)

images: The Color of Rain - Hallmark Crown Media

The first Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movie (after Christmas) is "Our Christmas Love Song" on Thursday, January 9th at 9pm/8c.

image: Our Christmas Love Song - Hallmark Crown Media

And... the first Hallmark Channel Christmas movie (after Christmas) is "Christmas Under the Stars" on Friday, January 10th at 10pm/9c.

image: Christmas Under the Stars - Hallmark Crown Media

Wherever 2020 leads each of us this year, I pray we always take the time to look up - and follow that star!

May you enjoy these encore Christmas movie presentations this week on all three Hallmark networks.

The first of January is always a relaxing time in our home, when we finally take some time to enjoy many of the Christmas movies we missed throughout the holiday season. Just last week, I watched "Christmas Under the Stars" for the very first time and absolutely loved it! Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser are just wonderful together again - since "A Country Wedding!" (another favorite!) And then... I was completely mesmerized by it once again - when it repeated on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries last Sunday. If you haven't seen this one, yet, or if you loved it as much as I did, then you'll definitely want to be sure and watch it again this Friday night!

Happy Christmas watching, everyone - as we Countdown to Christmas 2020!

Blessings in the New Year! Net

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