Get ready to Fall in Love this February with Movies on UPtv!

by - January 28, 2020

UPtv, the television home for uplifting entertainment, will be airing delightful romantic comedies this February - with a cable movie premiere every Sunday night!

The February, 2020 UPtv Premiere Movies include:

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Mr. Write - Sunday, February 2 at 7 p.m. ET

Storyline: When editor Dori meets her idol, romantic novelist Michael, she’s crushed to learn he doesn’t really believe in true love. But when Dori’s own romance falls apart, it's Michael who works to renew her belief in love.

When the executives at Heartstrings Press wants to drop Michael Rothchild’s (Corey Sevier) next romance book, junior editor, Dori Shephard (Charlotte Sullivan), argues her way into working as the lead editor. But Dori’s dream job becomes her nightmare as she realizes Michael isn’t everything she imagined. Dori breaks the news to Michael that the executives think he’s an ill-mannered, washed up novelist and want to terminate his contract. Not wanting to be dropped from Heartstrings Press, Michael agrees to work with Dori for 30 days. While Dori wrestles with Michael’s languorous behavior she’s also in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiancé, Philip (Preston Vanderslice). However, things go awry for Dori when work becomes an obstacle in her relationship. Dori must learn what true love really means before it’s too late.

Stars: Charlotte Sullivan, Corey Sevier, Christie Laing, Colin Lawrence, Brittney Wilson

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Once Upon a Date - Sunday, February 9 at 7 p.m. ET

Storyline: When top-notched real estate broker, Josh Donahue, is sent to buy out a local community playhouse, he unexpectedly falls for the owner's daughter, forcing him to decide between the family business and true love.

Stars: Katrina Bowden, Dean Geyer, Francia Raisa, Titus Makin Jr, James Callis

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Twist of Fate - Sunday, February 16 at 7 p.m. ET

Storyline: While stuck in her car after an accident, Kelly makes an emergency call and as the operator Jeff attempts to keep her calm, a true bond forms. Each spends months trying to find each other, until an unexpected coincidence just may provide the break they have needed.

Stars: Cassie Steele, Ryan Kennedy, Karissa Tynes, Andrea Brooks, Nathan Mitchell, Andrew Francis

Vision of Love - Sunday, February 23 at 7 p.m. ET

Previous title: The Michaels

Storyline: Divorce lawyer Katherine is told her Destiny lies with a Man named Michael so finding him should be easy, right? Join Katherine as she searches for her soul mate called Michael or is it really Michael she is searching for? Love isn't easy and sometimes it is right in front if you.

(*Caution: This movie includes a fortune telling manicurist, who predicts Katherine's future. I think the character is supposed to be cute and funny... however, I personally don't believe in psychics; therefore, I wanted to make all of you aware of this storyline. The Bible strongly condemns spiritism, mediums, the occult, and psychics - Deuteronomy 18:10-13)

Stars: Brant Daugherty, Larisa Oleynik, Shaun Sipos, Beverly D'Angelo, Elliot Gould

Please Note: These four movie titles may be familiar to those of you who have the station PixL, since they originally premiered there; however, if you don't have that channel, then you're sure to enjoy these films when they have their cable movie premiere on UPtv this February!

Several of the movies above either star or co-star actors and actresses you may already be familiar with, including: Corey Sevier ("Northern Lights of Christmas"), Katrina Bowden ("Love on the Slopes"), Andrea Brooks ("When Calls the Heart"), Andrew Francis ("Chesapeake Shores"), Ryan Kennedy ("Marrying Mr. Darcy"), and Brant Daugherty ("Mingle All the Way," "A Christmas Movie Christmas").

Look for the first movie in February - Sunday, February 2nd at 7pm/6c. and additional cable movie premieres to follow every Sunday night!

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