Girls #1

by - January 06, 2020

Girls #1

Girls is a series by Jonathan and Joshua Luna that explores what happens when naked egg- laying women terrorize a small town. No, really. This isn't something I'd normally pick up because- well, the cover- I mean really, but the fact that Jonathan Luna is the artist grabbed my eye. I really liked his work on Alex and Ada which is a favorite comic series of mine, so I thought I'd give this a chance, especially since it's free on ComiXology Unlimited at the moment. The whole 24 issue series is free on Unlimited in fact. And I was pleasantly surprised. It's worth checking out as a science fiction/ horror comic that delves into gender roles, small town life, and other such weirdness. 

Ethan is having trouble in his relationships. His relationship with his ex- girlfriend Taylor is a mess and when some innocent flirting goes awry he gets frustrated and makes an ass of himself in the local bar. He gets thrown out and while driving home he almost runs over a naked girl in the road. Why is she there, and why is she naked? Who knows? He certainly doesn't, but she's injured and some local rednecks are after her so he takes her to get help. That's pretty much the gist of issue one. Oh, and Ethan may or may not be responsible for what's happening- or what will happen in later issues. It's all very mysterious and I could totally see this as an awesome streaming binge. 

Anyway I'll be exploring each issue just because this series is out there.    

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