Girls #3

by - January 14, 2020

Girls #3

Girls #3 picks up where #2 left off- Ethan, Taylor and Wes discover that the "girl" that Ethan picked up has laid eggs- and they've hatched! Now there are several "girls". Meanwhile our townsfolk are outside gossiping about Ethan and his shenanigans in the bar- small towns, you know. Everyone's kinda weirded out over his rant and the way he acted. They're all pissed at things he said but the authors clearly want us to think some of those same things. Oh, and I had to laugh when Alexis said he had some nerve calling her a whore. The rest of the group just all look away. 

Girls #3

Inside the house the "girls" attack and outside the crowd can hear a struggle. Someone says Wes is kicking Ethan's ass. Little do they know crazy naked "girls" are kicking everyone's ass! One thing I don't get though- and spoiler alert- but throughout the series it's established that the "girls" don't hurt men. Just women. They want the men for... other things. But here they're womping on Ethan and the cop as much as Taylor. Oh well, early days and maybe that hasn't been established yet. Anyways they lock themselves into a room and after some obligatory arguing between Taylor and Ethan, he comes up with an idea. He calls his pal Merv 

There's a little humor here as Merv insists that Ethan call him by his call sign. Merv clearly doesn't get that Ethan and his companions are about to be killed by homicidal "girls". Anyway Merv shows up with his dynamite (he likes to blow up pumpkins in the nearby patch- don't ask) and realizes that oh, the situation is real, so he goes in and finds the "girls" trying to break a door down. Long story short, the "girls" are afraid of fire so they flee, Mervy drops the dynamite, and BOOM. There goes the house. 

Honestly. Of course Ethan and crew make it out in time. The townspeople outside are a little surprised to see naked women running out, of course. And we see the Picketts- the two who were hunting the "girl" from issue one- watching from the bushes. What are they up to?   

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