Girls #4

by - January 20, 2020

Girls #4

So last issue we saw clone "girls" emerge from eggs and now they're going apeshit on the townsfolk. Some of the local teens are hanging out and hear the attack but they're kinda busy. 

Girls #4

The Picketts show up (they're the redneck types who have been hunting the original "girl") and Pa shoots a few of them, chasing the rest off. The clones are killing people though. Ethan sees the original "girl" stagger out of the house (which blew up) and protects her from Pa, who's about to blow her up too. They struggle until Wes gets involved and whacks Pa. Meanwhile, Adam and the other teens are still arguing over whose turn it is. 

Cole runs out only to see that his mom was a casualty of the "girls". Actually she's not dead yet, but in rough shape and his dad takes her to the hospital in the next town. Wes, meanwhile, decides to question Pa after everybody is wondering why exactly the Picketts showed up ready for bear. And there must be something in the past too because Wes does not seem very favorably disposed to the Picketts. Oh, and he tells Ethan and Taylor that they can't tell the townspeople about the eggs.

After questioning Pickett (more like working him over) the younger Pickett wails out that she killed his ma. That's why they're after the original "girl". And when someone asks why people are being attacked, Pickett answers ominously that they're only killing women.   

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