Macross: Do You Remember Love?: Lynn Minmay

by - January 10, 2020

She is Hikaru's love interest and the embodiment of the music that plays a crucial role in Macross as such her music is essential around the Macross universe. She is an playful, yet loveable and sometimes get irritated when things don't go her way, she grew out of that later on. She moved in with her uncle Xiao-ching and aunt Fei-chung on South Ataria Island in hopes of finding the path to fulfill her dream of becoming a singing star, she met Hikaru during an Zentradi attack and they became lovers after a number of events during their time alone in an abandoned part of the SDF-1 Macross. Her singing and music got some of the Zentradi joining the SDF-1 crew who helped them win the first Zentradi war against mankind. Later, after numerous concerts and events, she got tired of them and wanted to move on and tried to run away from her celebrity status and start a new life with Hikaru, who was now more confused than ever in defining his feelings for her and Misa Hayase. This is only on the first Macross movie.


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