My Frugal Week

by - January 03, 2020

Last week I found a spice jar of chili powder for 56¢. I found it in the Crash & Burn section, and I suspect it was there because it had no lid. No problem for me as I just put it in my larger bottle and enjoy the savings.

This was the second year I participated in the My Frugal Home Secret Santa gift exchange. Lucky me, Erin at My Frugal Home picked my name and sent me a package of Shower Steamers she makes and sells in her online shop. 

On Wednesday we started to take down our Christmas decorations. I took each ornament from our tree and wrapped them lovingly in tissue paper until next year. 

This week I made multiple phone calls to help us save money this year on prescription drugs. At least two of my prescriptions I am able to get for free while others I use the Publix program of 3 months for $7.50. 

Today the FedEx man delivered one of my free prescriptions for the month, which was great as it saved me the gas money from having to go to town. 

My daughter is having a no spend January and has challenged me to not eat out this month. Challenge accepted!

I earned a 20 Swagbucks collector's bill on New Year's Day, which I thought was pretty neat. 

Since I had extra time at home this week due to the school holiday, I used some of my time to clean out my pantry and cabinets, which always get messy during the holidays. 

I wiped them down with hot soapy water and reorganized them. Now it will be easier to cook and bake in there since everything is organized again. 

Doing this also helped me come up with several dinner ideas I hadn't thought about in a while. 

Today I've listed several items for sale on eBay and even sold one item this week. 

We have spent a lot of time at home this week not venturing out spending money or using up our gas. We've been working around our home and in our free time playing games and working on a Harry Potter puzzle. 

~ Living within our Means ~
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