Naruto: Shizune (A Small Post)

by - January 09, 2020

Tsunade's assistant, Dan Kato's niece, and an jōnin of Konohagakure. She is also an skilled healer due to her tutelage; and later becoming Tsunade's companion during her sabbatical from active shinobi duty. She has an level-headed personality and is a rational thinker. Because of that, she is the one who tends to stress over details no matter how little they are, like Tsunade's tendency to gamble frequently, and to think with her heart. She gets worked up over any irrational decision Tsunade makes. She takes care of Tonton, Tsunade's pet pig. Despite her serious nature, she is a very kind and calm person but will immediately rush to Tsunade's aid and in contrast, will become fierce and somewhat ruthless, a truth to her loyalty to Tsunade, including losing her temper when anyone insults her harshly. This is from only in the original series, Episodes 89, 96, and 99.

Episode 89

Episode 96

Episode 99

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