Seitokai Yakuindomo: Ranko Hata, Sayaka Dejima, Naruko Yokoshima, Kaede Igarashi, and others

by - January 29, 2020

Ranko Hata is the president of the school's newspaper club.  She will often covertly take pictures of people usually hoping for an embarrassing or compromising shot.  In interviews she will try to twist words into something lewd.  She is usually emotionless and deadpan and is often times depicted without a nose.

Naruko Yokoshima is an English teacher and the student council advisor.  She is very perverted and will often teach questionable material.  She can be unreliable such as getting drunk twice while chaperoning the student council forcing the group to rent a room overnight.

Sayaka Dejima is the maid for the Shichijou family.  She holds the key for Aria's chastity belt and has a fixation for anything Aria has worn. She is customarily professional and polite, but when she gets excited her perverted nature can come out.

Kaede Igarashi is the president of the school's disciplinary committee.  She has a sever fear of boy's, although she gets over it when it comes to Takatoshi.  Naturally, she did not like her school becoming co-ed.   

Chihiro Uomi is a friend of Shino and the student council president of a nearby high school.  After her cousin married Takatoshi's cousin she started to insist that he call her big sister (Onee-chan).

Mori is a friend and classmate of Uomi.

Michishita-sensei is a soft spoken and polite teacher.  She is professional and in contrast to Naruko comes across as competent and reliable.  She gets engaged to the Judo advisor Daimon-sensei.  much to her embarrassment Ranko breaks the story. 

And finally a small gallery of unnamed characters.  

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