The World of Narue: Narumi Mutsuki, Rin Asakura, Bathyscaphe, and Haruna.

by - January 29, 2020

Narumi Mutsuki is the human mother of Narue and the reason Tadashi decided to remain on Earth.  She seemed caring and strong willed and could get a little carried away when talking about something she cared about.

Rin Asakura is an Intelligence Mecha Android with the power of mind control.  Under orders of the Galaxy Federation she tried to use her power to break up Narue and Kazuto.  After that she returned to help the gang and protect them from three space ninja's.

Bathyscaphe is an android slash escort destroyer.  Retired from her old duties she is now the caretaker of Kanaka.  She is someone anyone can go to for advise.

Haruna is an android and runaway escort destroyer.  She lives with the owner of beach side restaurant and eventually gets a marriage ceremony with the owners son.  

Just several screen shots of unnamed characters. 

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