THREE CHRISTMAS MOVIES in the works for "When Calls the Heart" Producer and "A Princess for Christmas" Creators!

by - January 13, 2020

images: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks

News has been reported via Deadline Hollywood, that Brad Krevoy Television (a division of Motion Picture Corporation of America and one of the Producers of "When Calls the Heart"), along with Michael and Janeen Damian (who are well known from the enchanting royal movie, "A Princess for Christmas" and the "High Strung" dance movies) will be developing this year, in 2020, THREE NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

The titles for these films have been revealed: Much Ado About Christmas, Christmas in Transylvania and The Christmas Waltz! Since these movies are still in their early stages, please know it is possible any of these titles could change.

At this point, what can we glean from these titles alone? Well... each one already has a unique, interesting sound to it.

Much Ado About Christmas sounds, perhaps, Shakespearean. Could it possibly be an adaptation or new holiday take on Much Ado About Nothing?

Christmas in Transylvania sounds like a movie filled with mystery and adventure, possibly a new royal holiday romance filmed in Transylvania, Romania - just hopefully not in Dracula's castle!

Last, but not least, The Christmas Waltz sounds like a captivating film centered around the love of dance. And since the Damians are well known from their recent dance movies, this one sounds like an ideal theme coming from them.

Michael and Janeen Damian and Brad Krevoy - image via: BK TV

According to the article, Michael and Janeen Damian and Brad Krevoy previously collaborated on four Hallmark movies: A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, Crown For Christmas, and The Sweeter Side of Life.

I know many of us enjoyed those films and will look forward to seeing more news on these three new Christmas movies as they begin production on them this year!

If you're familiar at all with Michael Damian's music from the 80's, then you'll totally get my reference here when my response to these projects is... "Rock On!"

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas movie news!

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