Update on my Precious Aunt and a Thoughtful Message from Hallmark Actor, Paul Greene...

by - January 20, 2020

Thank you all for your continued prayers for my precious Aunt. I feel the love and support of this dear "It's a Wonderful Movie" family, which means the world to me.

Each day she is a miracle, defying the odds the doctors have set before us. She fell on Friday and hit her head causing a brain bleed.

My aunt lives alone, but she has children, grandchildren, and siblings who check in on her, from time to time. However, since this occurred early in the day and many of them were at work, it could have been many, many hours before she was discovered. But the Good Lord had another plan. On Fridays, my aunt drives a neighbor/church friend to get her hair done, go shopping, out to eat, and pick up groceries, etc. Well, when my aunt didn't show up at their scheduled time, her friend became worried. She thankfully called their pastor and they went to check.

From there, my aunt was taken to the hospital, where we learned there was bleeding in her brain. She had stopped breathing in the ambulance and was put on a ventilator. The doctors said the bleeding was in the middle of the brain and there was nothing they could do surgically. They didn't give us much hope, at that point, but we didn't give up, we were all still interceding for her healing. I'm so grateful for each and everyone who said a prayer, too.

On Saturday, the doctors advised my cousins to remove their Mother from the ventilator, informing them she would most likely only live 10 minutes after doing so. The family all gathered around her singing praise songs and hymns. 10 minutes passed... 20... 30... and so on... and now nearly 48 hours have passed, and she is still breathing on her own- Praise God!!!

She looks comfortable as she is resting and I know this time is healing. Each step, each day has been a miracle, thus far, and I know there are many steps to go...

My family and I keep repeating the same scripture- that has given us great peace throughout this difficult time... "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." ~Matthew 19:26 (NKJV)

When all of this first happened, I recalled right away that this similar event happened to Paul Greene's mother. (Paul Greene of "When Calls the Heart") I remembered praying for her and Paul when it occurred, and being so happy, rejoicing with their family when she recovered. Knowing Paul's mother was able to overcome this, gave me and my family such great hope. My Momma suggested reaching out to him and his Mother for prayer, so I sent a prayer request through my friend Ruth Hill, who I knew could get the message to Paul. Ruth responded right away and let me know she would be praying, along with Paul and his mother (a prayer warrior, as Ruth called her), with all of us. And Paul, so graciously and giving, sent the most beautiful, encouraging voice message to my Sister through Instagram, to play for my Aunt. Paul's reassuring, calming voice was telling my Aunt she could get through this, many people are praying for her; it is possible. It was such a precious moment when we played that message for her in the hospital; everyone became silent all at once and gathered around to listen. I just know if my Aunt could've responded at that moment, she would've been overwhelmed and elated by Paul's sweet message. She just loves "When Calls the Heart" and all the Hallmark movies. From now on, Paul will always have a special place in my families' heart. And as we all listened intently to Paul's message, who plays a physician on "When Calls the Heart," it was a comfort knowing our hope is in The Great Physician.

My aunt's condition is the same today, but we are beyond grateful she continues to breath on her own. Family stays by her side 24/7, and she is never alone. And we know The Lord has been by her side every moment along the way.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. If you would like to add her name to your prayer list, her first name is Margaret.

God Bless You All, Net

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