Fire Emblem Three Houses: Sothis (Updated)

by - February 06, 2020

Even though this character had appeared on this blog, I decided to add in more pictures of her. As for the game, I am not much of an fan of Fire Emblem, I only know the characters from Smash Bros. since Melee and I don't know if I can get into Fire Emblem given Three Houses and Heroes came out. Like King said, "With a nickname like the "Shoeless Sorceress" you know this character is definitely a treat for foot fans."

This last picture is from Female Byleth's sixth alternate costume is based off from Sothis in Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Sothis herself appears in the game during Byleth's Final Smash, "Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven" in which she fuses with the two versions of Byleth before dealing a powerful attack and she also appears as a Legend Spirit.

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