"Adventures in Love & Babysitting" starring Tammin Sursok and Travis Van Winkle

by - February 10, 2020


Movie: Adventures in Love & Babysitting

Previously known as: Bound & Babysitting (2015)

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: March 21, 2020

*This movie first premiered on PixL in 2015; however, this will be it's first time to premiere on the Hallmark Channel. "Adventures in Love & Babysitting" stars Tammin Sursok from the family film Flicka 2 and Travis Van Winkle from Hallmark Channel's Christmas Getaway.

image via: PixL, with original title


Tammin Sursok ... Maggie Milton
Travis Van Winkle ... Alex Fornaye
Tiffany Hines ... Elena
Stephen Boss ... Ethan
Corinne Massiah ... Brianna
Brian Mganga ... Josh
Caroline Aaron ... Violet
Megan Stevenson ... Amber Montgomery
David Castañeda ... Eddie
Peter Katona ... Brent
Lisa Rinna ... Jane
Curtis Armstrong ... Steve
Reatha Grey ... Grandma
BJ Tanner ... Danny


Storyline via Hallmark: Forced to baby-sit with her college nemesis, a young woman starts to see the man in a new light.

Extended storyline via PixL: Maggie (Tammin Sursok) and Alex (Travis Van Winkle) have been butting heads since college when they were introduced by their best friends, Ethan (Stephen Boss) and Elena (Tiffany Hines). Now, their mutual pals are married with children, desperate for a romantic getaway and a babysitter. Uneasy about leaving the kids with the childlike and seemingly irresponsible Alex, they know Maggie would be the mature choice. But, with big things on the horizon for Maggie’s company, Ethan and Elena fear she’s too busy. As a last minute solution, they decide to split the task, tricking Maggie and Alex into babysitting together and leaving town before they can object. Bound to their obligation, Alex and Maggie attempt to work through their differences, but cooperating quickly turns into stormy rivalry. However, opportunities to teach the children some life lessons bring the pair closer than ever, proving that they share some very similar ideals. Acting as a true family for the first time, both the babysitters and kids are sad to see their time together come to an end with the return of Ethan and Elena. But it’s the powerful bond between Maggie and Alex that makes them consider whether breaking up their new-found relationship is what they truly want.

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